January 16, TCL group

January 16, TCL group

and shenzhen deep super technology investment limited the investment of 5 billion yuan RMB as the capital of the photoelectric project in shenzhen D.H.H Office 2010 home is your best choice.

start construction as scheduled, this project also has emerged as the highest generation in China tft-lcd production line, one of li dongsheng in accepting the southern daily reporter to interview, longing to south China market is expected to drive We have Microsoft outlook software in stock.

value more than one hundred billion yuan of display industry group.

“Now competition is fast fish eat slow”

“The modern competitive environment is the great fish eat up the small, fast fish eat slow world.” After the 2008 international financial crisis, says li dongsheng regrets, TCL can smoothly through the financial crisis and the severe situation in steady growth, it is based on the change of industry situation is highly sensitive, seize the industrial upgrading transformation of the key point.

The latest quarterly results showed that TCL TCL group LCD TV and cell phone sales in the global economic recovery steadily under the background of continue to maintain the fast growth, annual sales 8.42 million sets of liquid crystal TV, a 101% increase year-on-year growth, far higher than trade level; Annual sales 16.12 million setsOffice 2007 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

and mobile phone to realize a year-on-year increase of 18%, last steady growth. Among them, the Chinese market LCD TV sales went up 216% year-on-year.

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However, make the market participants didn’t expect,

However, make the market participants didn’t expect,

is going to borrow the shell is investment in qujiang.

In fact, investment in qujiang is listed on early plan. Last year on April 20, and issued by the general office of xian city government xian city in 2009 the reform of economic system work main point “proposes,” to the listed companies’ Many people like the Office 2010 key .

xian shell the transformation of resources’ use of work, promote xian tourism resources integration and shell in qujiang culture industry to lend hull. “listing work The investment will be entered in qujiang stablished samsung’s field of vision.

For samsung, it is stablished in qujiang investment come, easy go. The company reorganization suddenly die not most investors expect, make them hard to accept.

TCL group (000100 SZ) performance, according to the latest express the financial crisis in 2009 TCL total sales of 8.419 million units LCD TV, a 101.21% increase year-on-year. This is also TCL in recent ten years the most beautiful earnings liquid crystal field. Microsoft Office 2007 will let your work faster and easier.

But again bright beautiful also represent only the performance in the past. Board chairman of the eyes in TCL li, the urgent task is to flat TV industry chain vertical integration, Enjoy the MS office 2010 and enjoy work everyday.

more immediate problems, said domestic LCD panel is the core of the layout problem.

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On November 30, 2009,

On November 30, 2009,

samsung is stablished the notice said, “restructuring is all parties concerned by related institutions make relevant agreement and reorganization preplan”. Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accept it.

But two days later, things to turn back. December 2,, samsung suddenly terminated stablished released restructuring announcement. For the restructuring of the failure is stablished in the announcement, samsung did not do in detailed explanation, Office 2010 activation is very easy.

just to “the material assets reorganization plan is still incomplete” matters a word had taken gently.

It is understood that the origin of the restructuring the company shareholders samsung corning investment Co., LTD and samsung corning (Malaysia) Co., LTD. To transfer its held a 30.08% stake, and stablished samsung entrusted deep looking for strategic investors, but is stablished the transfer stock does not involve seg group and deep seg hold shares. Microsoft Office likes the assistant in your office.

According to the framework agreement, samsung will be the potential trade agreement dealing party to pay the price of the stock transfer more than $31 pay part of stablished group.

Market analysts, the move can be regarded as samsung aspects stablished the resolute attitude from samsung, looking for restructuring the will of the party is urgent. Seg samsung suspended, and before the market rumors or huawei will borrow renmin shell.

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Restructuring catch in it suspended

Restructuring catch in it suspended

Seg samsung to LCD TV transformation in miss brought huge losses after, the foreign shareholders and select exit. In this kind of situation, Discount Office 2010 product key is for you.

he company might be at stake had to hope in the restructuring.

On 3 November, 2009, samsung announcement said, is stablished is planning a major assets reorganization matters and to date the suspension. For restructuring plan, the company and did not explain, promised only by 2009 at the latest December 3 has disclosed.

Since last November 3, a week after the suspension is stablished regular announcement, samsung show restructuring progress steady: November 9,, the company announced a thirty percent of the foreign shareholder equity will transfer of foreign, Office 2007 key is 100% perfect.

the company actually control the people looking for strategic investors to stablished group, restructuring of clear thinking; November 16,, the company is affirmatory xian qujiang culture industry investment (group) Co., LTD. Is the strategic investors will introduce. The company registered capital of 4.2 billion yuan, involved industry including culture, tourism, conference, exhibition, film and television, publishing, entertainment, etc. November 23, investment basic financial data in qujiang get disclosure, by the end of 2009 on Outlook 2010 has a very simple way to install.

October 31,, the investment in qujiang total assets of 17 billion yuan, 6.4 billion yuan net, business income is 1.1 billion yuan, and profit, total 36.82 million yuan, net profit of 10.21 million yuan.

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Seg samsung CH2 built in 2003,

Seg samsung CH2 built in 2003, April 2004 completion acceptance and capitalization of the assets of the construction cost, CH2 for 838 million yuan. In May 2009, samsung said, Microsoft outlook has a very great interface. in not stablished consider the salvage value and sell off benefits and other assets impairment of the premise, disposal CH2 assets is expected to produce about 380 million yuan loss. July 2,, samsung and stablished released “stop running about the article 1 CRT screen line 2 lines, the cone STN article 1 of article announcement of production line. In fact, the shrinking market than CRT company have thought more serious. Microsoft Office 2007 changes the world. Necessary, 31 August 2009, seg samsung stop running full production line, the company to CRT provision for impairment of fixed assets total 990 million dollars. On November 25, 2009, seg samsung announcement said will be the price with 151 million yuan “sale” its CRT equipment, to pay the bank of China project loans. Microsoft Office 2010 is the best product of Microsoft. It is reported, this part of the asset purchase value of 3.017 billion yuan, at present the net book value is 151 million yuan, is only about 1/20 of the original purchase price.

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LiYongXin is this sentence of loyal fan.

Ah, before he joined in ten DuoNian brand clothing retail experience, in guangzhou, chengdu, shenyang, changsha, kunming and several cities have their own shops and development team. But since 2009, his overall decoration industry, and become to the sichuan province of ah general agent. Microsoft outlook 2010 is so good!

“The garment industry in the 1990 s, Discount Office 2010 product key is for you.

but in 2000 is profits after she became a sea of.” LiYongXin said to a period of pavement, clothing, and an area of storage and requirements of high, consumer age, consumption ability, consumption habits are fine, and distinguish clothing requirements for capital of the season order take up larger to operators, their own quality and resistance to the ability of the risk to demand higher. The season in the process, if operators order can’t expect the solar change, can’t grasp popular trend…… When ordering using eye, may cause they get hot money order is not suitable, not the arrival of shelves, Microsoft Office 2010 is the best product of Microsoft.

and there are a lot of goods warehouse backlog, in business trouble, even lead to bankruptcy. Outlook 2010 is your best assistant of your life.

“The garment industry are generally ‘season 2 kui, a JiPing, one season,’ season or malicious make holiday pile into the off-season, Enjoy the MS office 2010 and enjoy work everyday.

may keep shop but abnormal pain when a. Once, the that the economic crisis, the business is life difficult.” Back then, LiYongXin dilemma still sentimental: “hearts and network of hard business profits in slowed sharply, I exhaustion of body and mind, trying to find another business opportunities, find a potential sunny industry, and I now of the network and combination.” Many people can not leave Microsoft Office 2010 now.

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more than 70% of the purchasing power of Chinese society is in hand, 80% of the women purchase decisions made by women, Microsoft outlook has a very great interface.

that the 21 st century is recognized as the “she century”. Office 2010 is a gift for many people.

The changes brought about profound, significant effect, also bring unprecedented business opportunities, sweeping the globe’s There are many improvements in Office professional 2010 .

“fast fashion tide” is one of them. Famous marketing expert, “China women marketing first” ZhangHuan said: “the so-called fast fashion, mainly includes three aspects, namely the meaning of loading time quick, parity and follow the fashion trend, it has made DuoGe world-class brands such as ZARA, H&M.” Microsoft Office 2010 changes the world.

Who will be the country’s “fast fashion” leader, “she’d century”? The answer unexpectedly-ah!!!!!

Why not clothing, but small adorn article? Office 2007 key is 100% perfect.

The reason is very simple, it is more suitable for the multilevel market (a line from city to city three or four lines to the rapid urbanization is the rural) with the situation of our country, the more easily with the latest global fashion agitation docking. In other words, small adorn article is big business, the more the world also more Chinese!!!!!

The Office 2007 software is a great invention.

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The investment Banks,

performance evaluation standard of ROE, Microsoft outlook 2010 is discount for this month..

more than 10.6% of all is “good”. Gem listing enterprise is basic to achieve outstanding level, and has better profitability. Microsoft Office gives you a better way to deal with your work..

GuiHaoMing are to agree. He thought, most companies or reflects high growth trend, and in their respective fields leading situation, appear on the market for continues to expand after provide conditions.

At the same time, as he points out, The Office 2010 professional is a amazing gift for me.

the problems that raised a lot of enterprise suddenly out a large sum of money to, net assets will let listed after the expansion of net assets yield significant decline, and then will slowly to bounce back. How to rigorous to well use the funds raised, and improve the efficiency in the use of funds, the company is facing the gem of the biggest problem. Microsoft Office 2010 is not only your assistant but your friend.

“She century” has come, Windows 7 is the best system ever.

“fast fashion” sweeping the globe, but let all people’s congress is: batch manufacturing suffered 1 million millionaire era wet, unexpectedly is a domestic Chinese companies-gee. Dont you like the Microsoft Office 2007?

Male, female, male woven cultivated man sing with male, female the s has long been the history, but “pouch in her hand is the last century’s family comes from economic model is constantly strengthened, and even further evolution for social and economic mode.

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Families from the gem business growth situation,

Families from the gem business growth situation,

the century the tripod (300050 SZ), summit han technology (300011 SZ), national technology (300077 SZ) three enterprise performance in 2009, grab an eye most income growth and net profit growth by more than 100%, The Microsoft Office is a great assistant for your daily life.

and compared with previous years improve speed. Office 2010 is Microsoft Companys new product.

Note that the second half of last year, and since 180 the home of actually small plate, compared the gem enterprise high growth is a reveal, income growth and net profit growth are higher than the small and medium plate. Statistics show that, nearly a year of small and medium-sized enterprises listed on the board in 2009 the total business income growth rate is 14.05%, and the average net profit growth to 33.19%, Microsoft Office 2007 changes the world.

he average two indexes were 14% lower than the gem.

The big securities institute director LiDaXiao think, the growth in the motherboard gem to small and medium plate, but valuations is much higher. In general, the local opportunity is greater than short-term risk is greater than the whole chance opportunities. Many people use Microsoft Office 2010 in the world.

Profitability of the company, The download Office 2010 is cheaper than the CDs.

in 2009 the gem net assets yield (ROE) distribution interval for, and 10% ~ 30% for 57 between, between 30% and 50% had 37 home, more than 50%, the highest for six home national technology 72.2%.

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Growth slowing profit ability is good:

Growth slowing profit ability is good:

ROE reached the sasac performance evaluation of “excellent” standards

The gem of total business income growth enterprise 2009 average is 28.08%, mainly interval for 20% ~ 50%, Buy Microsoft Office 2010 to help your office work.

and the range of 52 house. More than 50% of income growth has 10 companies, of which four home more than 100%. Less than 20% of the income growth has 38 enterprises, including five enterprise income growth rate is negative. Office 2010 is your best friend in your word.

And the 100 enterprises in 2008, 56.38% of revenue growth rate than the mean a large investment Banks, brokers, analysts say enterprise income growth speed gem is slowing, but the gross profit margin improved products, The genuine Office 2010 key will make your work easier.

products, services that the marginal profit margins high. Microsoft Office 2010 has a lot of improvements than the elder edition.

In 2009 the average net profit growth to 47.63%, focus on the same interval is 20% ~ 50%, all 56 home. More than 50% of the net profit growth have 31 enterprises, with six home more than 100%, the national technical net Do you like Office 2007 ?

profit growth as high as 384.83%. Less than 20% of the net profit growth, of which there are 13 home at least 0.25%, numerical for LangKe technology (300042 SZ). Many people use Office 2007 software to help their work.

And the 100 enterprises in 2008, compared to an average 61.88% net profit growth net profit growth slows also exist.

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